The Migrator
The Migrator
The Migrator
The Migrator

The Migrator

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Please note that these callers are built to order and not currently stocked, this will influence the time it takes to receive your caller. We are currently in the process of trying to build a stock that will assure 24-48 hour turn around.

Our Migrator caller is our all enclosed unit, built specifically for hunters who don't want to mess with any speaker wire or cords. Set the caller down, turn it on and you are ready to hunt. The audio quality you expect from Juvie Juke Box in a simple key-turn design. If you need to move the caller during a hunt simply pick it up and go.

While the design and operation are simple, the audio clarity and volume makes this caller easily the best sounding E-Caller ever produced. With a massive selection of 6.5'' marine speakers on the market we were able to test and dial in the best sounding speakers we could, with no expense spared on our choice. When we set out to build a caller we don't try to use the cheapest possible components in order to maximize our markup, and this caller is no exception. If we compare the overall audio on this caller to our Adult Snow, the migrator comes out winning. Some of the top names in snow goose guiding and the most successful free lance hunters have added these callers to their arsenal and have been blown away by the way birds react to them. Our two channel amp paired with our two channel audio gives off the realistic sound of birds barking back and forth. Make the decoys come alive with multiple cadences, pitches, and tones of both lesser snows, Ross, and greater snow geese. With multiple Migrators or a mix of Migrators and Adult snows the birds won't be able to get down in the decoys fast enough!

Please Note: These callers are painted from an original green color to white to make them blend better with your spread. The paint is not covered by our warranty.

This unit features:

  • 2 200 Watt 6.5'' Waterproof Marine Speakers (the brand may vary due to availability but the quality will always be the same)
  • 600 Watt Marine Amp
  • On/Off Remote capable of 400+ foot range that is extremely reliable
  • On/Off Switch
  • Built in Dual USB Charging Port with Voltage reader. This will charge your MP3 player or any other device such as your phone. The voltage reader will allow you to monitor your battery in real time. 
  • Waterproof Aux Port
  • AUX Port
  • MP3 player preloaded with all Juvie Juke Box tracks and set to 1 track repeat. The mp3 player also includes an AUX cord, and USB charging cord.

    Please click on the links below to purchase a battery we recommend. 
    12V Battery is not included
    Battery 1: click here
    Battery 2: click here

    The following voids warranty. Returning the caller with a blown amp due to using a battery that is higher or lower than 12v, modifying the caller in such a way that it causes damage, returning a caller with a visible water mark inside. These callers are painted and the paint coming off is not covered by the warranty.