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Why our callers and audio?

Using marine grade speakers and high quality amplifiers our callers produce exceptional and unmatched clarity, realism, and sound coverage. We have the best sounding callers and audio on the market, hands down. We started hunting over similar setups to the callers we produce now in 2014 phasing out our power horn speakers. The results quickly spoke for themselves. We noticed right off the bat that when birds got over the top of the speakers they rarely slid, split or flared. In most instances they will try to finish right on top of the callers. After more testing we came up with the term "sound wall" for power horns. While they can produce a deafening amount of volume, due to the design of a horn speaker this sound is concentrated into a small area forcing highly unrealistic amounts of volume to hit birds at the wrong times. Typically right before they are in optimal gunning range. Power horns do not sound realistic, period. You wouldn't hunt darks or ducks with a screaming loud, unrealistic mega phone, so why were we all hunting snows this way?

Our callers provide a wider overall sound coverage creating less dead zones in the decoys. We quickly realized that the age-old adage of needing a screaming loud ecaller went right out the window and that we could run far less volume, often times at the same level as live snow geese resulting in harvesting far more birds. The days of running one or two callers with 50'-100' of speaker wire per speaker were over with. We began to experiment, going against the norm of what most snow goose hunters recommended or were doing. This involved running callers from one end of the spread to the other, progressively making them louder, until reaching where we wanted them to finish. Birds that would normally bug out after a few spins worked longer and more birds came down to finish than ever before. This was especially effective when targeting migrators. When chasing feeds we ran the typical one to four callers and still noticed the same results. We came to the realization that you can't have too many callers in a spread but rather too much volume. Ultimately, we still typically hunt today over one to four callers depending on what we are doing and enjoy far better results day in and day out than when we hunted over power horn setups.

Customers across the country can and will vouch that hunting just over our audio alone has revolutionized the way their geese work and finish due to the realism of the tracks. Pairing our audio with either of our caller models will deliver the cleanest and most realistic snow goose audio on the market. If you are serious about finishing snow geese as close as possible, it's time to retire those power horns and see how upgrading your audio will change the game.

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Our callers are produced with hand picked, high quality components that have been tested and proven to deliver incredible audio quality, clarity and volume.





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The highest quality snow goose audio on the market, period. Professionally recorded audio, edited with studio level software results in unmatched realism that sets the standard for snow goose audio today.

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Voluble Finishers
Voluble Finishers

Voluble Finishers

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"Voluble Finishers" is a mellow track using 2 speaker channels. It features birds barking back and forth at each other as if they are communicating within a loaf or small feed. This track will be well suited for loaf hunts, or guys that want a mellow sound mixed into their spread that provides clear single crisp barks. Feed murmurs are almost non existent. This will be a track you will want in your arsenal!



The difference between just shooting birds, and finishing birds.


"Very easy to use and the light strip makes hooking up the battery and MP3 really easy on early mornings. The sound out of the speakers is second to non. Found myself getting tricked by the call thinking I heard geese on a few occasions."

Justin N. from North Dakota

"This is a very well made unit that will last years in the field. Very good sound quality and and there custom track is one you need in your snow goose arsenal"

Logan A. from Madison, SD

"The Mp3 player arrived yesterday and impressed to say the least with the MP3 player and the 3 soundtracks!"

Brian M. from Illinois

"Birds worked great this weekend really seemed to pick out your track. We had snow reaper and snows down low playing on one side of the spread and your track on the other and every bird finished on top of a speaker playing your track works great cant wait to hear what else you have in the work"

Cripple from refugeforums.com