Due to the large influx of orders/demand we are currently sitting at callers shipping between 4-6 days, on Adult Snow orders. We will be trying to ship them ASAP, but this wait period could occur. All physical audio purchases should should ship within 24-48 hours.

Welcome to Juvie Juke Box

Founded by two die hard snow goose hunters we started Juvie Juke Box because there was a lack of affordable and reliable callers on the market.  Those that were available were marked up unfairly to take advantage of the customer using sub-par and cheap components.

Another main goal was to come out with new, fresh, and high quality audio that hunters could use to replace or add to their current arsenal. We felt some of the current audio on the market was either poorly recorded/edited, outdated or had been hunted over for years letting birds get accustomed. Our audio is made and edited 100% by us in house, using professional grade software with professionally recorded audio.

While assembling our callers we use high quality components, electrical standards and assembling techniques to ensure years of use. Being the first company to integrate innovative components like a USB charger, cooling system for the amp to prevent overheating, outdoor speakers that improve audio quality drastically vs horns we continually try to innovate and improve our products. This is done by extensive in the field testing and customer feedback.

Providing maximum battery life to run the caller was a must as well. A large vexlar type battery fits inside the caller providing multiple days of hunting use. All of this is done to ensure snow goose hunters can have more success in the field, without breaking the bank.

For more information please refer to our, Frequently Asked Questions 

Our number one goal always has and always will be 100% customer satisfaction. We use all customer feedback  and apply that to our current and future caller models. We'd like to thank all of our past, current, and future customers for helping us innovate and start to change the snow goose audio/caller game.