Why Juvie Juke Box?

Using only the highest quality components, extensive testing, and hunter generated feedback we have been able to create game changing callers and audio. We introduced our method of no longer hunting over horn speakers to the snow goose hunting community in 2017. Since then we have truly changed the way snow goose hunters utilize audio, volume, and the number of callers in their spreads. The days of using one or two screaming loud callers with 50-100 feet of speaker wire per speaker are over. Since 2015 we have been exclusively hunting over callers identical to the products we sell.

What made us stop using horns?
There is a variety of reasons we no longer hunt over horn speakers. The number one reason is what we call "sound wall" flaring. Horn speakers force large amounts of volume into a tiny area. When birds get directly over the top or down wind of these speakers they more times than not cause them to slide or flare. In our search to increase our audio quality we discovered running lower volume levels out of non horn speakers awarded us highly increased success. More birds finish than ever before. Often times right on top of a caller. We discovered utilizing multiple caller units throughout the spread and not relying on 1 or 2 to do all the work also highly increased our finishing power.

The most successful guides, outfitters, and freelance hunters in the country can and will vouch that hunting over our callers and audio has changed the way they snow goose hunt.