These speakers in combination with our custom tracks produce the clearest and most realistic sound quality on the market. At full volume they will not distort and since they are not directional cone speakers like a horn you provide more sound coverage over your decoys. Horns are notorious for flaring birds that go directly over the top of the speaker due to all the sound being concentrated into one small area.

Our speakers will not get as loud as a horn. However, the volume you lose is far outweighed by the realism you gain. It may take you a hunt or two to adjust to this slight volume decrease if you are used to hunting over horns. We guarantee that after a few hunts you will be very impressed with how the birds react to this increase in sound quality.

Using extension cords is the best way to add more speaker wire length,. We recommend staying under 50' per speaker. Longer runs of wire will have the potential to possibly create volume/quality loss.


This can also be read in the instructions with the caller. Once your receive your caller it will have everything you need to hunt over other than the 12v battery, please refer to the caller page for the battery we suggest using. Make sure that your battery is fully charged when starting your caller for the first time. If you are ever hunting and notice the sound starting to distort this is an indication that your battery is almost dead and needs to be charged.

1. To start your caller simply connect the color coded battery wires to the battery terminals. 2. Turn on your mp3 player and connect it to the AUX cord. 3. Select the audio track you'd like to play, then hit the ON button on the ON/OFF Remote or turn the ON/OFF Switch on (as of August 2018). 4. Adjust the volume to the level you desire then use the ON/OFF Remote or Switch to turn the caller on and off as you please. Please note: The remote will not function if the on/off switch is on. Turn it off and the remote works.

We strive to use the highest quality connections, building techniques and design to ensure that your caller withstands the rigors of snow goose hunting. However, we understand that accidents and manufacturing errors can happen. In order to troubleshoot what may be going on with your caller please send us an email so we can get in contact with you. If we determine the caller needs to be sent into the shop to be trouble shot, the customer will pay for the shipping. If we determine that a component has faulted due to a manufacturing default we will then refund said shipping as well as cover all repairs and return shipping costs.

If it is determined that a component has failed/needs repair due to the caller being submerged/saturated in water, heavily abused, hooked up backwards or modified in anyway past the original composition, the customer will be responsible for shipping and the repair costs of the components. Before making any repairs the customer will be contacted with the costs of said repairs. 


Due to an increasing amount of callers that are purchased with the intentions of being hunted over a few times and then returned or disassembled to get a component list ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions. Please take this into consideration before purchasing. It is unfortunate that we have to put this policy into place but as the smallest of small businesses we no longer will let people take advantage of us. 
If a caller is hooked up backwards, we will not refund your order. We are abl

Once you place your order, your caller will typically ship within 3 to 5 business days. We will have current turn around times posted on the homepage and caller page. If for any reason your order will be delayed past 5 days we will contact you.