We have an option to add up to 50' total per speaker in the store. We highly recommend staying under 50' in order to maintain audio quality, clarity, and volume.

1.Ensure that your 12V battery is fully charged and place the battery into the empty slot in the caller.

2. Connect the Red and Black cables from the caller to the Red and Black terminals on the battery. If hooked up incorrectly, it will blow the amp. This is not covered by warranty.

3. Place your speakers in your desired location, and connect them to the outlets on the side of the caller. (If applicable)

4. Plug the AUX cord into the AUX port on the caller, the round port with the small opening in the middle.

5. Connect your AUX cord to the MP3 player and turn the MP3 player on.

Note: You do not need to have the MP3 player connected to the USB charger in order for it to work. If the mp3 player is fully charged remove it from charger.

6. Select the track that you would like to begin using and then adjust the volume to a low level. Pause the track. It is good practice to walk your sound up when initially starting the caller. Note: We can not insure hooking a phone up or other media source to the caller and using it at max volume won’t result in speaker damage.

7. Turn the caller on using either the switch or the remote. Both can’t be used at the same time. The remote range is up to 400’. To ensure the remote will work the best it can at long ranges, pull the blue antenna cable out of the caller before shutting the lid. There is no need to latch the caller while hunting over it unless it is raining

8. Once the caller is running and the track that you want to use is selected begin adjusting the volume to your desired level.

We strive to make the best callers on the market but understand issues with anything electronic in the snow goose world can have issues. Prior to this warranty being issued in 2021, we fixed everything no questions asked and allowed returns. Due to the abuse of our generosity the following applies to all past and present callers.

The following limited warranty applies to any new caller purchased directly from Juvie Juke Box for 60 days from the date that the product or products are delivered. After 60 days, Juvie Juke Box will gladly troubleshoot or repair any and all issues to said caller units on the understanding that any components needing replaced may be paid for by the customer including the shipping costs. All purchases are final and no returns will be allowed unless the caller is returned in the original shipping box and shows that it has not been used in the field.

This limited warranty covers the following:

In the event that the caller arrives and is not working, a certain feature is not working correctly or the caller quits working while it is being hunted over in a proper manner, JJB will send the customer a return shipping label for the customer to return said caller or send a replacement caller. If a replacement caller is sent, it will not ship until the tracking number on the return shipping label shows movement at the location it is dropped off at. The replacement caller will be sent via Ground shipping and any additional shipping costs needed by the customer will be paid for by the customer such as 2 day or overnight shipping.

If the MP3 player quits working or the AUX port on the MP3 player becomes damaged, JJB will send a replacement MP3 player one time. In the event that the MP3 player suffers damages again, JJB will sell the customer an MP3 player at cost and ship said player to the customer for free. This at cost replacement is valid for 6 months after the product has been delivered.

Exceptions: If the caller or speakers show that they have been flooded by water, filled with mud, or gotten damp and then allowed to freeze overnight in a field the customer will be responsible for any repairs that are needed to the unit. If the caller shows that the polarity has been reversed, meaning the customer hooked the battery leads up backwards to their 12v battery resulting in the amp being fried, the customer will be responsible for the replacement of the amp and all other components that may have suffered damage due to this. The amp on every caller will be taken apart and tested with an OHM meter to determine if this is the cause of it not working. We would appreciate honesty if this is the reason why the caller is not working to speed up our trouble shooting and turn around time on your unit.

The amp/speakers used on both the Adult Snow and Migrator are set to ensure when used with the provided MP3 player that damage from too much volume will not occur. If a caller comes back to the shop with obvious damage to the speakers audio system with no other signs of issue, it will be our assumption that the caller was hooked up to a phone, ipod, or other media device and ran at an unacceptable volume level. If your caller ever starts to distort as the volume goes up, this is a sign it is being pushed past its safe limits. The replacement of the speakers will fall on the customer.

Our turn around time is frequently updated across the top of the website and on individual product pages. Typical turn around time during winter and spring is 1-3 days from order to shipment.

Turn around time during the off season may be 3-5 days.

All purchases are FINAL. We do not allow any returns unless authorized with us prior.

While having to troubleshoot our callers is rare, the following are the most common "issues" that arise. Please give us a call, text or email for any help you may need.

The USB charge and switch light up but there is no sound coming out of the caller?
Please ensure that the 12v battery you are using is fully charged and in working condition. A dead battery will still provide enough voltage to light up the switch and usb charger but will not power the amp.

My call has been running all day and the sound suddenly started to distort?
This is an indicator that your 12v battery is low and needs to be charged. It is a good idea to bring a spare battery to the spread.

I hooked up my battery backwards and no sound will play after hooking it up correctly?
Hooking the battery up backwards reverses the polarity and shorts out the amp. The only remedy for this is to send us the caller to do an amp change out.

The caller was running and suddenly stopped?
While this is the rarest of issues, there is two fuses located inside the caller that may need to be checked. Using a philips head screw driver remove the top that contains the on/off switch. There is a red fuse holder. Remove the cover, then remove the fuse. Check to see if said fuse is blown.

The second mini fuse is located on the amp itself.

Thank you for visiting and shopping at Juvie Juke Box!

All of our orders are shipped via UPS, unless another option is requested by the customer. You will receive an email update with your tracking number once your order has shipped!

Delivery Times

Depending on the time of year and the current order
demand all orders are processed within a 5 to 7 day time frame. We
frequently update the website and product information pages with the
most up to date turn around times. Orders are not shipped on any holiday
that UPS observes

If we are experiencing a high volume of orders,
shipments may be delayed by just a few days. Additionally, nationwide
and global shipping delays (such as those caused by COVID-19, holiday
volumes, or inclement weather conditions) may have an impact on your
estimated delivery date. Once the package is dropped off at UPS, we have
no control over the amount of time that it takes to get to your
location. If the product takes longer to arrive than anticipated we will
not refund your shipping.

Tracking Your Order

As soon as your shipping label is printed you will receive an automated email with your tracking information. Please allow UPS
up to 48 hours to reflect updates on their tracking page. In some
instances, we may print multiple days worth of shipping labels and not
actually ship the package that same day in order to get boxes ready for
shipment. This may extend the time that the tracking number takes to
show activity.


Customs, Duties, and Import Taxes

All fees imposed during or after shipping are the
responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.). If you are
located in Canada please contact us prior to purchasing your product as
we may split some of the shipping charges in order to make it more
affordable for you.

Damages and Missing Orders

If you received your order damaged, or if the order
appears to be lost during shipping, please contact us so we can help
file a claim. A refund or replacement may be issued pending your
cooperation during the claim process however as stated above once the
package is given to UPS what happens to it is 100% out of our control.
We use the best shipping protection possible to ensure damage does not

If your order arrives damaged, please save all
packaging materials and damaged goods for claim evidence purposes. Take
pictures of the package as soon as you can and before opening.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding
your order, feel free to contact us! You can
email, call/text, use the chat feature on the website, or contact us via social

Phone Number: 605-209-6090

Email: customersupport@juviejukebox.com

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