Custom Audio

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When we set out to make our audio tracks we had a set of goals in mind. First being they needed to be of the utmost quality. Secondly was to make audio that improved or eliminated all of the issues and frustrations we had currently with what was available on the market. Simply put we wanted tracks that were of the highest quality with professional studio level clarity, crispness and zero background noise or unwanted “extra” noises that don’t belong in snow goose audio nor matter how loud you have them cranked. They needed to sound like you were sitting right next to a snow goose. All of our tracks are made in house by us, spending hours of editing using multiple professional grade software programs to ensure we meet this quality goal. If you'd like something custom made/edited from recordings you already currently own. Please contact us!

All of our audio is created based off customer requests and needs, if for any reason we remaster audio a free updated version will be sent.

Below is a video of a spread running our tracks entirely.