The Migrator

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*Please note that these callers are built to order and not currently stocked, this will influence the time it takes to receive your unit.*

Our Migrator caller is our all enclosed unit, built specifically for hunters who don't want to mess with any speaker wire or cords. Set the caller down, turn it on and you are ready to hunt. The audio quality you expect from JJB in a simple keyturn design. If you need to move the caller during a hunt simply pick it up and go.

These callers produce higher volume levels than our Adult Snow callers while increasing both audio clarity and quality. We hand picked the Marine speakers inside these callers to ensure the best possible audio is produced. 

This unit features:
-2 200 Watt Waterproof Marine Speakers

*These speakers absolutely scream while maintaining perfect audio clarity. 

-600 Watt Marine Amp
-On/Off Remote Capable of 500' Range
-On/Off Switch
-USB Charging Port with built in Volt meter

*This will charge your mp3 player, your phone, or any other devices needing a charge during your hunt. The built in volt meter will allow you to monitor your battery condition to determine when it needs a charge. 

-AUX Port
-Bluetooth MP3 Player preloaded with all Juvie Juke Box tracks. 


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