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Current callers in stock have an estimated shipping date of approx 4 to 6 days after purchase, PLEASE take this into consideration when ordering. 

The best in Audio Quality, Volume, and Performance the Adult Snow is the only callers you need in your spread! We guarantee that our caller produces the best audio quality of any caller currently on the market. This audio quality is going to be a game changer for putting more snows feet down over the decoys. 

Our callers utilize top of the line, USA designed, marine grade water resistant amplifiers that pack a serious volume punch without sacrificing any audio clarity or quality. We do not use cheap, no name, mini amps in our callers that you can pick up on Ebay or Amazon for $20. We firmly believe if you are spending your hard earned money, we should be delivering you a product that also has hard work put into it. Both in design and most importantly the components. 

Our speakers were hand picked to perform in the rugged conditions snow goose hunters encounter while sounding like live snow geese are sitting in your spread calling for you. If you are on the fence about ditching your power horn callers, we can say without a doubt that you will not regret leaving them in the garage to collect dust. 

 Full caller features:

    • 4 speakers with easy plug and play connections utilizing the most universally accepted and used outlet connections in North America. This ensures optimal connections and safeguarding while hunting. Each speaker is wired with 15 Feet of speaker wire per speaker. Our connections were picked so that if a dog/hunter trips on a wire or speaker the connections will safely come out ensuring nothing is damaged. If a speaker is quickly unhooked no "shorting" or damage will occur internally. 
    • 4 Speaker connection points with outdoor resistant rated covers.
    • 600 Watt 2 Channel Marine Amp
    • Built in Dual USB Charging Port with Voltage reader. This will charge MP3 player or any other media device such as your phone. The voltage reader will allow you to monitor your battery in real time. 
    • Extremely Reliable On/Off Remote capable of 400+ foot range
    • On/Off Switch
    • Waterproof AUX port
    • MP3 player that directly connects to Amp via AUX cord (included), with all Juvie Juke Box Tracks preloaded ready to hunt. 

    • Please note the on/off switch needs to be turned off in order for the remote to work. If the on/off switch is off the remote will power the unit and vice versa.

    • 12V Battery is not included

      Please click on the links below to purchase a battery we recommend. Damage resulting in using a battery with a voltage lower or higher than 12v is not covered by our warranty.* 

      Battery 1: click here
      Battery 2: click here

Current callers in stock have an estimated shipping date of March 10th-12th, PLEASE take this into consideration when ordering.

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