Adult Snow
Adult Snow
Adult Snow

Adult Snow

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The caller that started it all. The best in Audio Quality, Volume, and Performance the Adult Snow is a top of the line, snow goose killing machine! We guarantee that our caller produces the best audio quality of any caller currently on the market. This audio quality is going to be a game changer for putting more snows feet down over the decoys. If you are tired of shooting snows at 40 to 60 yards and want to increase your chances at actually finishing them, look no further! With 4 speakers you can angle them to ensure the sound coverage is fitting for your hunt. With two speaker channels, this allows you to make your spread sound like birds are barking back and forth at each other utilizing our two channel tracks. By adding more than one adult snow to your spread you can make the decoys come alive with multiple cadences, pitches, and tones of both lesser snows, ross, and greater snow geese. With multiple Adult Snows or a mix of Migrators and Adult Snows the birds won't be able to get down in the decoys fast enough!

Our callers utilize top of the line, USA designed, amplifiers that pack a serious volume punch without sacrificing any audio clarity or quality. We do not use cheap, no name, mini amps or amp boards in our callers that you can pick up on Ebay or Amazon for $20 like our competitors do. We firmly believe if you are spending your hard earned money we should be delivering you a product that also has hard work put into it. Both in design and most importantly the components. 

Our speakers were hand picked to perform in the rugged conditions snow goose hunters encounter while sounding like live snow geese are sitting in your spread calling for you. These speakers are designed to be used in the elements like rain, sleet, and snow without effecting the sound. If you are on the fence about ditching your power horn callers, we can say without a doubt that you will not regret it. However, please take into consideration before buying that these speakers will not get to the volume level of a power horn. A horn is a directional cone speaker designed to push large amounts of low quality audio into a small area but at a further distance. Horns have never been designed to sound good as they are used in alarm and announcement applications. Outdoor Speakers like we use with a woofer and tweeter are designed for audio clarity, quality, crispness and optimal bass/treble. They push sound over a larger area at a shorter distance. 

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 Full caller features:

    • 4 speakers with easy plug and play connections utilizing the most universally accepted and used outlet connections in North America. This ensures optimal connections and safeguarding while hunting. Each speaker is wired with 15 Feet of speaker wire per speaker. Our connections were picked so that if a dog or hunter trips on a wire, speaker, or the caller itself the connections will safely come out ensuring nothing is damaged. If a speaker is quickly unhooked no "shorting" or damage will occur internally. 
    • 4 Speaker connection points with outdoor resistant covers.
    • 500 Watt 2 Channel Amp
    • Built in Dual USB Charging Port. This will charge your MP3 player or any other device such as your phone.
    • Extremely Reliable On/Off Remote capable of 400+ foot range
    • On/Off Switch
    • Waterproof AUX port
    • MP3 player preloaded with all Juvie Juke Box tracks. The mp3 player also includes an AUX cord, and USB charging cord.

      Please click on the links below to purchase a battery we recommend.
      12V Battery is not included

      Battery 1: click here
      Battery 2: click here

    The following voids warranty. Returning the caller with a blown amp due to using a battery that is higher or lower than 12v, modifying the caller in such a way that it causes damage, returning a caller with a visible water mark inside. If returning a caller for maintenance or warranty work, please email us or message us on social media. All sales are final.