Gravy Train Feeding Track

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Our "Gravy Train" track is named after snow geese packing shoulder to shoulder on certain rows in a field where grain is more prevalent, making a gravy train.

Comprised of a base layer sound of geese aggressively feeding. Your typical feed "murmurs" can be heard as well as truly unique parts where geese are fighting each other for food. We didn't just want a feed sound though as we believe being able to hear individual crisp barking geese is a proven killer.

Over the top of the feeding audio we took individual barks from single geese and placed them across the entirety. Sticking to our nature of being unique we then used additional recordings of multiple birds to form sounds of geese barking back and forth at each other utilizing the left and right speaker channels. This has been a very effective technique for us, and makes the audio ten folds more realistic to incoming birds than a standard 1 channel track. The end result is audio that sounds like you are standing in the middle of a decent sized excited and aggressive feed of geese that have found one heck of a food source. As with all our tracks this has no "roar" or distortion no matter how loud the volume is.