Greater Snow Goose Track

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Our customers are our greatest influence when we discuss and come out with new products. After our 1st Juvie Juke Box track was released, we asked what YOU the customer wanted to see next. We had an overwhelming amount looking for something unique, something that wasn't available on the market yet. That something was a Greater Snow Goose Track. Anyone who has hunted Greater Snows knows that they produce a deeper toned bark than their Lesser Snow Goose counterparts. With all of this in mind we got to work and are extremely excited to say, as far as we know, we are the ONLY company on the market to have a totally unique Greater Snow Track.

This track is compromised of recordings from greater snows at the highest quality from areas such as Maryland and New York.  With a great mixture of both feeding and barking birds this track is truly a unique all in one package for hunting Greater Snows. No background "roar" is present at high volumes when running it on your caller. In addition, this track features geese barking back and forth at each other utilizing the left and right speaker channels. If you hunt greater snows this track is a game changer for you, and the first greater snow goose track on the market. Below is a sample of the track!