Wireless Volume/Track Adjustment

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We have been asked if it is possible to adjust the volume or track on our callers wirelessly. The answer to this question is yes! By utilizing a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver you can run the caller from your phone or a bluetooth mp3 player.

We do not currently sell these but are happy to provide the information for those wanting to do so. This will not turn the caller on/off which will still need to be done with the on/off remote or switch. We have been testing these over the past few seasons as well as in the shop and customers who like to adjust volume while birds are working will find them quite handy. The range on these devices typically is 25-30 feet.

We are looking into buying these in bulk quantities so that we can pass the savings down to you the customer. 

These devices paired with a phone sometimes have the ability to push the volume past a safe level for the speakers. As you walk your volume up if the caller starts to distort or crackle this means you need to turn the volume down.

Link for transmitter/receiver