Full Track Pack (includes new Ross Audio)

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This is all 12 of our tracks packed into one package. Buy all 12 at once and save! To buy each individually would cost $120. If you are looking to add some of the cleanest, unique and highest quality snow goose audio available to your spread, this is for you! If you buy the full track pack and we add additional audio, the new added tracks will be sent to you free of charge. (As of sept 2019)

It includes:
Lesser Snow
Greater Snow
Gravy Train
Gravy Train with Ross
Social Finishers- 2 Track Combo
Social Grubbin
Voluble Finishers
Grubbin' Down
Grubbin Finishers
Social Interaction
Ross Loaf
King Ross Feed

In order for this to be a digital download it has to be compressed into a Zip file. A zip file is a way of compressing large amounts of data into a compact file, then when opened contains all tracks. A free program that will allow you to do this if you don't have WinZip is called, 7-Zip and can be downloaded here.

All track samples can be viewed on their individual pages here. This 12 pack is also available sold preloaded on an SD Card, MP3 Player and USB Drive. On these three formats they will not be compressed.