Full Track Pack on MP3 Player

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We are currently awaiting a large shipment of MP3 Players, due to high demand all MP3 player orders may ship 2-4 days after purchase currently.

This is all 16 of our tracks packed into one package and loaded onto an MP3 player at less than $8/track.  If you are looking to add some of the cleanest, clearest and highest quality snow goose audio available to your spread, this is for you! Craft the perfect sounding spread utilizing multiple tracks on multiple callers. Whether you are hunting feeds, loafs, staged birds or migrators there is a track that fits every possible situation.

MP3 player comes with a USB charge cord, box, and 16 preloaded tracks. There is enough memory to add any other tracks you'd like. Useable on any caller that utilizes an AUX cord. 

Tracks Included:

Lesser Snow
Greater Snows
Eastern Greaters
Gravy Train
Gravy Train with Ross
Social Finishers
Social Grubbin
Voluble Finishers
Grubbin' Down
Grubbin Finishers
Social Interaction
Ross Loaf
King Ross Feed
Ultimate Feed
Refuge Roar
Pasture Loaf