Testimonial's from Customers of Juvie Juke Box

"I just returned from a week of snow goose hunting in North Dakota, the caller worked great. I was able to pull in numerous groups of snows. I want to compliment you on a first class product."
-Richard from Merrimack, New Hampshire

"Juvie Juke Box is a top notch product, everyone should have at least a couple in their spread"
-Justin A. from Pierre, SD

"Birds worked great this weekend really seemed to pick out your track. We had snow reaper and snows down low playing on one side of the spread and your track on the other and every bird finished on top of a speaker playing your track works great cant wait to hear what else you have in the work"
-Cripple from refugeforums.com

"I want to thank you for providing more snow goose options and working toward making the best quality tracks and products available. I'm sure it takes a lot of time and trial and error to produce quality sounds. One thing that I like is that you've been consistently tweaking your track in attempts to deliver the best and not just rushing to produce a track to make a buck. I believe all others that have seen what you have been doing would agree as well. Also, you are reaching out to others and listening to their ideas and are open to new ideas."
-Ted from Texas

"This is a very well made unit that will last years in the field. Very good sound quality and and there custom track is one you need in your snow goose arsenal"
-Logan A. from Madison, SD

"Very easy to use and the light strip makes hooking up the battery and MP3 really easy on early mornings. The sound out of the speakers is second to non. Found myself getting tricked by the call thinking I heard geese on a few occasions."
-Justin N. from North Dakota

“The custom e-caller track sounds amazing.  You can tell from the moment you push play that it’s not just another remix of the same old sounds.  The clarity, depth, and range of sounds is impressive.  Also impressive is the customer service.  The staff is always interacting with customers, using feedback to constantly improve product offerings, all in the name of helping snow goose hunters have more success in the field.”
-Mitchell R. from Sioux Falls, SD

"The Mp3 player arrived yesterday and impressed to say the least with the MP3 player and the 3 soundtracks!"
-Brian M. from Illinois