Keys to enjoying the Conservation Order

Keys to enjoying the Conservation Order
What we're all after chasing these crazy snow geese. Big Spins, working birds to the ground and big rain outs. Those days were you can work on small to medium sized flocks all day can be just as fun and result in some amazing shoots.

The reality of it is though most snow goose hunts aren't barn burners. Snow geese will kick your ass. Coming into a hunt even when you're hunting a good feed with the expectations to shoot 100+ birds is setting yourself up for some major dissapointment. The guys who do this for fun and the good guides who are honest will tell you that.

All you can do is set yourself up for success and see how mother nature decides to play her hand. A good feed, an amazing hide and plenty of wind are the 3 biggest factor for success. Setting a decoy spread and putting some actual thought into it will surely help as well. We can use ecallers in the spring obviously so use them to your advantage.

Run as much sound as you can, not VOLUME, in as many areas of the spread as you can but make sure the volume reflects how the spread is set and where you want your birds to finish. You do not need your caller(s) to be blaring to kill snow geese. Quality realistic sound with clarity and minimal distortion are key here.

Throughout all of this though if you are not out there to have fun and enjoy the time spent in the spread with the people you are hunting with then you are likely out there for the wrong reasons. Have some fun!

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