Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the questions that are commonly asked regarding our products.

Should I buy my caller with the outdoor speakers, horns, or a combination of both?

Our outdoor speakers are always the number one speaker choice we recommend to customers, and the choice most customers choose. These speakers in combination with our custom tracks produce some of the clearest, crispest sound quality on the market that a hunter can have in their spread. At full volume they will not distort, and since they are not directional like a horn you provide more sound coverage of your decoys. Horns are notorious for flaring birds that go directly over the top of the speaker due to all the sound being sent directionally to them. With that being said they have and will continue to harvest birds.

Our outdoor speakers however will not get as loud as a powerhorn, even while being pushed by our current 800 watt amp. It may take you a hunt or two to adjust to this type of volume if you are used to hunting over horns, but we guarantee that after a few hunts you will be very impressed with how the birds react to this increase in sound quality. However, if you are someone who wants to run their caller at ear bleeding volume levels, you will want to go with horns. Any customer who is not satisfied with the volume level of the outdoor speakers can return said speakers in exchange for power horns. (Price difference/shipping customers responsibility)

I'd like to spread my speakers out in the spread, how much wire can I add to my speakers?

Using outdoor rated extension cords is the best way to add more speaker wire length, we recommend staying under 50' per speaker. Longer runs of wire will have the potential to possibly create volume/quality loss. 

I have received my caller, how do I turn it on and get it ready to hunt?

Once your receive your caller it will have everything you need to hunt over other than the 12v battery, please refer to the caller page for the battery we suggest using. Make sure that your battery is fully charged when starting your caller for the first time. If you are ever hunting and notice the sound starting to distort this is an indication that your battery is almost dead and needs to be charged.

1. To start your caller simply connect the color coded battery wires to the battery terminals.
2. Turn on your mp3 player and connect it to the black AUX cord.
3. Select the audio track you'd like to play, then hit the ON button on the ON/OFF Remote or turn the ON/OFF Switch on (as of August 2018).
4. Adjust the volume to the level you desire then use the ON/OFF Remote or Switch to turn the caller on and off as you please.

Please note: The remote will not function if the on/off switch is on. Turn it off and the remote works.

The caller's volume isn't as loud as what I am used too, will the birds still be able to hear it and how should I use these callers in my spread?

We have been hunting exclusively over these callers/speakers for four years now, and have never had a hunt where we wished we were running horns. Thousands of snow geese have been harvested using our caller setup.  Whether hunting migrators, traffic, or on the X, spread visibility and motion is what first attracts the birds. Once the birds have arrived to a distance that they can hear your audio, this is where the increased sound quality and realism come into play. We run callers throughout the entire spread ensuring there is no dead zones set at a volume level that is either almost the same or slightly above that of a real bird. Where we want to square the birds up to finish them we then turn these callers up louder than the rest giving the impression that this part of the feed has the most food or where the most activity is taking place if hunting a loaf. We are firm believers in less volume and more quality/clarity, and the results have spoken for themselves. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your caller, please contact us to try and troubleshoot any issues you may have. Having read the information regarding the difference in speaker types, please plan accordingly to what  is going to fit your needs.

What is the turn around time on the callers?

Once you place your order, your caller will typically ship within 48 hours. We currently are not taking orders past what we have built/ in stock. 

Do you offer outfitter pricing or bulk discounts?

If you are placing an order for two callers or more, please send us an email to discuss our bulk pricing. We offer a discount from 2-5 callers and 5 callers above, as well as try to cut some shipping costs down if shipping is extremely high.

What is the blue wire that is coming out with the AUX port, and the battery cables?
The small blue wire is the remote antenna. This cord is intentionally left long so that you can pull it outside the unit, and then shut the lid. Pulling said wire outside of the caller will increase the remotes effectiveness. As with all remotes, obstructions can interfere with the remotes receiving.

What is your maintenance policy?
We strive to use the highest quality connections, building techniques and design to ensure that your caller withstands the rigors of snow goose hunting. However, we understand that accidents and manufacturing errors can happen. In order to troubleshoot what may be going on with your caller please send us an email so we can get in contact with you. If we determine the caller needs to be sent into the shop to be trouble shot, the customer will pay for the shipping. If we determine that a component has faulted due to a manufacturing default we will then refund said shipping as well as cover all repairs and return shipping costs.

If it is determined that a component has failed/needs repair due to the caller being submerged/saturated in water, heavily abused, or modified in anyway past the original composition, the customer will be responsible for shipping and the repair costs of the components. Before making any repairs the customer will be contacted with the costs of said repairs.

What is your return policy?
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your caller, you may return it within 30 days of receiving it for a full refund (shipping excluded). The returned caller must be in the condition that it was received and fully working.

What is the best way to get in touch with you all?
Please use the Contact us form, or send us an email at

We appreciate each and everyone of our customers. Our #1 goal is ensuring you are 100% satisfied to the best of our knowledge and abilities.