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Let us be your best choice when choosing an E-Caller for your next snow goose hunt. Our unique E-Callers offer superior performance under the most demanding conditions. When durability, performance, high quality sound, and affordability matter, look no further than us .Coupled with our Custom Track the Juvie Juke Box is sure to put the birds feet down over the decoys. Separate yourself from the competition today!

Now partneredwith Sky Fly Decoys, the most affordable socks on the market. The functionabilty, ease of use and realism offered by these decoys is unmatched at the price point they are available for. Pair these decoys with our custom callers and you have the most affordable spread and caller on the market today! Decoys are available in bulk pricing, harvester packages, and sold by the dozen. Screen printed Snows, Blues, and Juvies. Backed by a 1 year warranty on the body, and a 3 year warranty on the backbone, you can't go wrong with these decoys! All decoys are available in our store.

Juvie Snow
2 Speaker Unit with Remote for $220

Juvie Blue

2 Speaker Unit with Remote and MP3 player with our Custom Track  $235

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Tip of the Month

Louder Isn't Always Better

Snow geese are one of the loudest and most vocal birds that hunters have the opportunity to hunt.  Although it is easy to associate snow geese with large roars of never ending barks, the same shouldn't be applied to your decoy spread. Next time you are next to a large snow geese feed think about what stands out the most. Although initially it will be the mass of sound, the next thing will be the individual barks you can make out even though there may be thousands of birds.  Using an individual, crisp and clear bark or barks through your ecaller will prove to be far more effective than the mass sound. Especially when hunting over water.  Which is why we designed our custom track to do just that. Give it a try on your next hunt, we think you will happy with the results!

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